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MMPG: Patterson Crane Award Symposium at National ACS meeting in Boston, MA

Location: Room 156B, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Date&Time: Tuesday, Aug 21,starting at 1:00PM

1:00 PM: Steve Trohalaki         Introduction

1:10 PM: Paul S. Weiss             Communicating opportunities in nanoscience and nanotechnology

1:50 PM: Jillian M Buriak         What does an ACS editor do in 2018? Much more than 'just' editing

2:30 PM: Fraser Stoddart          Treating molecular nanotechnology to show and tell

3:10 PM: Lloyd J Whitman        Communicating science, especially nanoscience, to and from the federal government: A personal perspective


3:50 PM: George M Whitesides     Telling Stories

Saturday August 18, 2018-COLUMBUS Clippers BASEBALL GAME vs SYRACUSE Chiefs at 7 pm

Huntington Park (330 Huntington Park Lane, Columbus, OH 43215)

Join us at the Huntington Park for our summer baseball outing to watch Columbus Clippers take on Syracuse Chiefs!

This event is jointly organized by ACS-Columbus and Younger Chemists’ Committee (YCC)- Columbus.  ACS membership is not required. Bring your friends and family to enjoy it together!

Please purchase your tickets using the following link provided by Clippers:

This is a secure link created and provided by Columbus Clippers. It allows our members to get their tickets online before the game day. The tickets are for the lawn area.

Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for Children under 12 and Seniors (60+).

To Purchase a child or senior ticket at a discounted price please use the discount code 1ACS for $2 off.  If you have 2 children use : 2ACS, 3 children use: 3ACS, 4 children use: 4ACS.

Tickets are limited. Get yours soon!

Please check-in with us inside the stadium in the Lawn area.

Special Attractions: Fireworks! Marvel Superhero night! Party at the Park! 

We look forward to seeing you and your friends/family at the game!

Calling for Nominations for the Patterson-Crane Award

The Dayton and Columbus Sections of the American Chemical Society are seeking nominations for the Patterson-Crane Award, given biennially to acknowledge meritorious accomplishments in chemical information, broadly defined.  The award consists of a $3,000 honorarium, a personalized commendation, as well as travel and lodging expenses.  The recipient is expected to give an address at the time of the award presentation.

Click here for more information 

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